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We are still serving our patients during the COVID19 pandemic

Nursing Home Residents: Our providers are in the building multiple times a week taking care of you and keeping you out of the hospital during this critical time. Also managing issues between visits with the help of our brave and dedicated nursing staff at the facilities. 

Assisted Living Residents buildings:

We are preset in the building on Twice a week  in person, and manage our nurses calls 24/7 in between visits.

Independent living residents at Sable Lodge, and Sentry Hill: We are calling everyone, every week, during surge conditions to confirm that everyone is doing okay, and we are making house calls as needed in your apartment. The every 2-3 months scheduled visits remain in place except in outbreak situations where we do telemedicine.

We are able to do Covid testing in your apartment in coordination with home health, and Nordx lab processes these tests within hours. 


Call us if something comes up, and stay safe!

Dr. Fazeli is working with the Directors of Nurses, Resident Care Directors, and Home Health Agencies, to stay ahead of any outbrakes in our buildings and we are proactively testing and isolating as needed. This is above and beyond any national recommendations, and it has proven effective in preventing loss of life thus far.

Dr. Fazeli is advocating at state level and through the Maine Medical Directors Association to make COVID19 testing more available to the elderly in Nursing homes & other facilities. We ecourage you to call state and federal officials and ask for same.

Email or Call us with any Questions.

Nursing Home, Skilled Care, Assisted Living, & Independent Living

Geriatric Practice

Service Area: Southern Maine & Coastal NH

Outpatient Geriatric Consultation Clinic in Biddeford, Maine

95 year old wedding ring inspector in Kittery Maine

Yohanna Frank, a 95 year old, first generation Dutch immigrant, member of the Dutch Resistance Against the Nazis, inspecting Dr. Fazeli's turquoise wedding ring in her North African motif attire

  • We partner with nursing homes, assisted living, and independent living facilities that share our commitment to excellence and our philosophy of holistic compassionate care. 
  • Our providers use their knowledge and experience to address all manners of geriatric issues, and are trained to be proactive and directly involved in managing this, often complicated, patient population. 
  • Our approach to geriatric medicine doesn't change from facility to facility and is always evolving as our knowledge of geriatric medicine increases with time.

An ice-cream date by request

About our Geriatrician and Founder

Dr. Jabbar Fazeli 

Fellowship Trained and Board Certified Geriatrician  with nineteen years experience, and a passion for the elderly and high ethical standards.

Dr. Fazeli maintains privileges in various hospitals, including MMC, Mercy Hospital, and SMHC, but not employed by any.  He founded Maine Geriatrics to be a provider of independent, high quality, and ethical geriatric care. 

He developed the C.A.L.M .(Curtailing Antipsychotic use in LTC Medicine) protocol to help long term care facilities reduce antipsyhotic use in dementia residents. He also co-chairs the Maine Partnership to improve dementia care which shares the same goals as C.A.L.M.

He takes personal interest in training new NPs with the goal of creating consistency of care among the different providers in the practice.

Dr. Fazeli was involved in the teaching of the first generation of geriatric fellows at Maine Medical Center in 2003-2005 and headed the inpatient geriatric consult service at MMC when it was first established. He remains involved in the teaching of health care professionals who provide medical care to the geriatric population in nursing homes, skilled care, and hospital settings through his work with the Maine Medical Directors Association (MaineMDA). He helps organize an annual post acute and long term care Geriatric conference for the association.

Dr. Fazeli’s areas of expertise include chronic non-healing sounds, fall management, dementia with behavioral disturbances, polypharmacy, and management of complex Geriatric cases.

Dr. Fazeli's Training


Geriatric Leadership Positions Since 2000

Dr. Fazeli is passionate about many elderly causes and takes an active leadership role in empowering geriatricians and  promoting better care for the elderly. His past and present professional leadership positions include the following:

  • Currently the vice president of MaineMDA (The Maine Medical Directors Association)
  • Medical Director of Durgin Pines, a five star SNF rehab and long term care facility in Kittery , Maine.
  • Co-Chair of the Maine Partnership To Improve Dementia Care
  • Past president of the Maine Medical Directors Association (MaineMDA)
  • Served as Medical Director to various facilities in Maine from 2000 to present.
  • Past Chairman of the Board for the Maine Medical Association
  • Past Board member of the Maine Alzheimer Association for 8 years.
  • Past member of the Maine DUR (drug Utilization Review) board
  • Past Member of the Public Policy Committee of AMDA.

Our Nurse Practitioners

Jodie Tompkins, and Michelle Atienza are Adult Nurse Practitioners and have been with our practice since graduating from NP school.

 Jodie worked for nine years and Michelle for five. 

Shannon Munro, is a part-time NP, and has worked with Dr. Fazeli  since graduating fifteen years ago.

The practice will be grooming a fourth NP to join the practice in the near future.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions

Office #: 207-780-6565  or  Email us

Office Address: 22 West Cole Road, Biddeford, ME 04005

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