Administrative Office & Consultation Clinic                                       

​                         ~by appointment only~                                                                                                  
      ​                  22 West Cole Road, Ste. 101                                                                                
                                Biddeford, ME 04005                                                                                                      
                  Ph: (207) 780-6565  Fax: (207) 878-6565                                                                  


Dr. Fazeli offers an Outpatient Geriatric Consultation Clinic located at 22 West Cole Road, Set. 101, Biddeford, ME. 
Consultations are done by appointment only. 
Patients living independently are seen to address problems such as memory issues, depression, falls, complex medical problems, polypharmacy (too many medications), preliminary assessment of driving ability, nursing home and assisted living placement questions, frailty, incontinence, behavioral problems, non-healing wounds, among others. 

All clinic patients must be 65 or older. Exceptions are made for younger disabled patients. To schedule a clinic appointment please call (207) 780-6565. 

Outpatient Geriatric Consultation Clinic: 

What does Geriatric Medicine offer beyond General Medicine?

  • A more comprehensive and holistic care for the frail elderly with multiple medical and social issues. 
  • Assessment and treatment of memory loss and confusion. 
  • Assessment and treatment of depression. 
  • Assessment of polypharmacy and potential impact of discontinuing drugs used for chronic illness. 
  • Management of non surgical wounds or bed sores
  • Assessment of environmental needs and placement issues. 
  • Assessment and management of difficult behavior in dementia or stroke patients. 
  • Management of multiple or uncontrolled chronic conditions in the elderly. 
  • Comprehensive palliative and end of life care. 
  • Assessment and management of frequent falls in the elderly. 
  • Assessment and management of incontinence. 
  • Management of chronic pain in the elderly. 

​Nursing Home Services: 

  • Medical Directorship

  • Weekly On-Site visits to the facility by the Physician & Nurse Practitioners
    (We adjust the # of days based on the needs of the facility & residents.)

  • On-Site Wound Care & Prevention Services

  • On-Site Dementia Care Services 

  • Expert Palliative Care/Hospice Services 

  • Maine Geriatrics providers would be involved in & support all quality improvement initiatives and would provide ongoing Geriatric input. 

  • Assistance with Case Management, especially for short stay Skilled Rehabilitation Patients

Assisted Living Services: 

  • Medical Directorship
    (Please click here to see our Medical Directorship tab for more detail)

  • Weekly On-Site visits by Nurse Practitioners to the facility
    (We adjust the # of days per week based on the needs of the facility & residents.) 

  • 24/7 On-Call coverage in support of the Assisted Living Nurses with the goal of limiting unnecessary Emergency Room visits and Hospitalizations. 

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