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Antipsychotic Reduction in Dementia Patients: 

  • Staff In-Services: 

  • General Objectives and Intervention for the Antipsychotic Reduction QI: 

  • Antipsychotic Reduction Data from Three Nursing Homes Covered by Maine Geriatrics Provider Team:

    Antipsychotic Presentation at New Hampshire Health Care Association Conference 09/25/2013 

    Antipsychotic Presentation at Northeast Health Care Quality Foundation Conference 09/19/2013 

    June-August data is the period before the initiative. Sept.-December is post-initiative data. 

  • Clinical Criteria for Use of Antipsychotic, and Dose Reduction Protocol:

  • Hospital Admission Due to Dementia with Behaviors During the QI: 0% 

  • Data on Benzodiazepines and Hypnotic Use During the QI: