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Maine Geriatrics sets the standards when it comes to providing facility based Geriatric care. We work with nursing home and assisted living facilities that share our commitment to excellence and our philosophy of holistic compassionate care. We believe that Geriatric leadership in nursing home facilities is a vital necessity to improve quality and assist in implementing the latest scientific Geriatric knowledge which impacts residents' lives. We maintain a continuum of care through our strong affiliations with the many community resources and with our strong emphasis on quality of care. 

Dr. Fazeli offers an Outpatient Geriatric Consultation Clinics in Biddeford, ME. Patients living independently are seen to address problems such as memory issues, depression, falls, complex medical problems, polypharmacy (too many medications), preliminary assessment of driving ability, nursing home and assisted living placement questions, frailty, incontinence, behavioral problems, non-healing wounds, among others. All clinic patients must be 65 or older. Exceptions are made for younger disabled patients. To schedule a clinic appointment please call (207) 780-6565 or toll free (855) 780-6565.   


Nursing Home and Assisted Living Geriatric Practice 

Outpatient Geriatric Consultation Clinic 

Dr. Fazeli is Fellowship Trained and Board Certified in Geriatric Medicine. He provides services to patients in a unique practice based in Skilled Rehab, Nursing Homes and select Assisted Living facilities in Southern Maine with planned expansion to New Hampshire. Dr. Fazeli makes his visits on-site without the need for office appointments. Dr. Fazeli has Inpatient Consultation Privileges at various Maine hospitals including Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital. Dr. Fazeli was involved in the teaching of the 1st generation of Geriatric Fellows at Maine Medical Center and remains involved in the teaching of health care professionals who provide medical care to the Geriatric population in nursing home, skilled care and hospital settings. His areas of expertise include wound care & prevention, falls, dementia with behavioral disturbances, polypharmacy and management of complex medical cases. 

Setting the standard when it comes to providing facility based Geriatric care.